What does a Spanish translation cost?

Rates applying to Spanish translations are commonly based on a source word count. Other services, such as transcreation and website localization, may be charged at an hourly rate. In all cases, cost calculation depends on varying factors such as:

  • source text features
  • initial file format
  • availability of reference material
  • degree of specialized terminology
  • urgency
  • service(s) requested, e.g., with focus on accuracy of meaning or rather on a free, creative translation (transcreation), implementing SEO keywords within the translated text, additional external review by a second linguist…

To receive a free no-obligation quote*, please go to my Contact page or send me an e-mail to info@gut3.es providing as much information as possible about your project.

*A minimum charge is applicable for very small projects.

Payment terms

Payments are to be made by wire transfer or PayPal within 30 days of invoice date. Under no circumstances will checks be accepted as a form of payment. A small surcharge applies to PayPal payments.

To balance client-translator risk management, an initial up-front payment may be requested (30% of the total amount) for new clients commissioning large translation projects.

Any changes a client makes to parts of the source text already translated will be charged additionally.

Discounts are available for full pre-payment of the entire translation project and for large projects. Any such discounts are negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

Whatever the business, there are few things more critical than a deadline. In the utterly unlikely event of a late delivery down to me, a discount or longer payment terms will be granted at the client’s discretion.

» American Translators Association – A Guide for Translation Buyers (external link)