Spanish translation, transcreation & localization services

Specialized translations

Photographer “A” has a completely different skillset as photographer “B”. “A” may specialize in photojournalism, while “B” predominantly shoots weddings and portraits. Yet they are both photographers. The same is true for instructors. One specializes in lecturing math at a university college, whereas another provides training for businesspeople. Two distinctive instructors.

And translators? Likewise. Some may have a legal or financial background and will excel in these topics, while others are experts e.g. in literary translations. In other words, “translator” is not the same as “translator”.

Core translation fields

As a senior native Spanish translator with 20+ years of experience, my strenghts lie in the Travel and Tourism industry, Marketing communication, specific Business subjects (Corporate Communications, HR, Logistics), the Education sector and Photography.

Please click on your desired field in the Specialization Areas menu on the right for more details regarding my proficiency in that domain. In all listed fields I offer translation services in the following language combinations:

  • English > Spanish
  • German > Spanish

Depending on your preferences, I apply either a strictly European Spanish language variant appealing specifically to readers in Spain, or neutral, international Spanish for your communications across the entire Spanish-speaking world.

Transcreation in Spanish

What does transcreation mean?

Transcreation is a term originated by merging “translation” and “creation”. This technique, while adhering to the original message, adapts it completely, transferring its impact to another market in a different linguistic and cultural environment. It should come as no surprise that this approach is not only feasible but highly advisable for any marketing, advertising and media texts published abroad.

A classic example: An airline launches an Easter fly-away campaign in English for its home country. The original text includes several amusing plays on words referring to the Easter Bunny and Easter egg hunts. Now, would a literal translation of the Easter Bunny arouse interest on a Spanish-speaking market? Our culture has its own unique Easter traditions…

Within my expertise areas of Travel, Marketing, Business, Education and Photography, I offer transcreation services for any marketing or promotional texts.

Website localization into Spanish

The notion of website localization goes beyond translating into another language. It is a more holistic procedure of adapting web content to ensure its relevance for the local audience. Localized web content not only reads as if originally written in their native language but also takes into account technical specifications (e.g. structure and constraints of a web page), cultural connotations, legal requisites and distinct readership interests.

Besides translation, localizing an internet page may involve adjusting currency layout, units of measure, date and time formats, addresses, phone numbers, legal references, meta descriptions, and of course, the URL address.

Always an advantage: A native Spanish linguist well-versed in localization of online content and user interfaces. In my case, a linguist adept at translating texts on Tourism, Marketing, HR, Logistics, Photography or Education as well as knowledgeable of concepts like CMS, tags, variables, SEO keywords and character limitations.


  • Throughout the entire translation, transcreation and/or website localization process, my focus is to ensure the target content conveys the same meaning and achieves the same purpose for readers as the source content does in English/German. Every effort is made to provide a carefully researched, meaningful final version in Spanish.
  • I proofread and review all work several times before delivery, ideally after letting the initial translation “rest” a few hours. Final QA procedures on the target text include:
    • checking spelling, formatting, numbers (e.g. measurements, prices) and punctuation;
    • verifying consistent terminology usage;
    • fine-tuning accuracy of meaning, readability and style for the intended audience.
  • An additional external review by another experienced, specialized linguist is available on request.
  • I always backup all my work locally (i.e. not on the cloud), so an unforeseen breakdown will not affect the agreed delivery time.
  • Privacy and confidentiality. No confidential information received during the course of an assignment will be disclosed to anyone. A non-disclosure agreement will be signed when so desired.