About Fabio Gutiérrez

Professional experience

  • Since 2009: working freelance as a specialized translator.
  • An additional 11 years doing translations as part of my role as an international relations officer at a top Economics & Business School in Spain.
  • I have also worked in:
    • a Human Resources department
    • a library
    • different positions within the Tourism and Transportation (airline) industry


  • Master of Arts in Specialized Translation (University of Zaragoza, Spain, 2010).
  • Certificate in Professional Translation English to Spanish (University of Toronto, Canada, 2008).
  • Bachelor in Tourism Management (University Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid, Spain, 1990).
  • Language-related certificates: Upper-advanced English (Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada, 2008), Zentrale Oberstufenprüfung (Goethe Institut, Germany, 2006), English Advanced Certificate (Cambridge University, UK, 2005).

Translation projects

Other professional features

  • Active for clients worldwide.
  • Member of the leading translators’ associations in Ireland (ITIA) & Germany (BDÜ), meeting their rigorous membership standards.
  • Pro-bono work for NGOs in the fields of international cooperation & development, children, alternative economics, and water.
  • A Professional Liability Insurance policy covers my activity with clients within the European Union and Switzerland.

+ about my background and soft skill assets

  • I have lived in Germany, Canada and different regions of Spain.
  • Throughout my entire professional life, I have cooperated with people from different cultural backgrounds (and enjoyed it!).
  • I am aware of differences in culture and values, and how they affect language use.
  • Instructor for cross-cultural management courses at the University of Zaragoza, Spain.
  • Sound organizational skills.
  • Able to deliver accurate work under pressure and tight deadlines, but…
  • …I do not take on more work than I am able to deal with. That is why I don’t miss deadlines!

Working environment

  • Up-to-date Windows OS on different systems. Handling files created by any version of MS-Word, MS-Excel and MS-PowerPoint, as well as other formats like pdf, html, xml, InDesign, Open Office, etc.
  • Translation-specific software tools to ensure quality. These tools have nothing to do with automated translation engines (machine translation). Instead, they should be seen as equivalent to any software tool used by a relevant professional, such as MS-Excel by a sales controller, Photoshop by a graphic designer or SAP by a business analyst.
  • Glossary management software to build, maintain and utilize multilingual databases with client- or industry-related terms.
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