Spanish technical translations — Marketing

Promotional translation implies transcreation and can be much more time and effort-consuming than translation in other fields. Conveying a message across languages often means carrying it across cultures. Creative and emotional style in the source text must be adjusted according to what the destination culture considers creative and emotional.*

For both B2B and B2C communication, I aim to convey the intent and persuasive nature of the source message by adapting it to the Spanish-speaking target audience. Your brochures, flyers, press releases, newsletters, social media promotion, external and in-house presentations, advertising copies, localization of product websites… will be in good hands.

    » Professional highlights:
  • Recent marketing translation work in diverse industries, such as cars, tires, batteries, food and beverages, golf gear, contact lenses, online print, stamps, business location promotion and sport, as well as in the travel sector.
  • Selection from end client portfolio: Nissan, Volkswagen, Michelin, Energizer, Jägermeister, Nuremberg Chamber of Commerce, Invest in Hessen, Sanifair, Saxoprint, Trodat, and a leading sports betting company.

If you are investing precious money in producing/promoting your product or service, make sure that all its translated documentation communicates your message to the target audience. As a senior translator with many years of professional experience and solid qualifications, I can offer you quality Marketing translations into Spanish with a strong customer focus.

*Adapted from Ira Torresi, Translating Promotional and Advertising Texts, 2010