Spanish technical translations — Business, HR, Logistics

Effective communication is a vital tool for any business owner. Your success at getting your point across can be the difference between sealing a deal and missing out on a potential opportunity.*

My work in a Human Resources department added to the 11 years I spent working in an Economics and Business School allowed me to get acquainted with specific areas of the broad world of business. Owing to this, my professional activity as a Spanish translator focuses on the following

Specialty fields

  • Corporate Communications — Company profiles, compliance procedures, codes of conduct, communication to customers and suppliers, information for stakeholders, corporate policies…
  • Human Resources & Training — Application forms, job ads, position descriptions, recruitment strategies, HR selection tools & tests, employee magazine articles, staff assessment, incentive plans, training programs (on topics e.g.: sales training, corporate values, anti-bribery policies, e-learning, driver safety…).
  • Transportation & Logistics — Freight, ground transport, shipping instructions, airport facilities, sea cargo…

Translation services within the above fields for end clients such as: Coca-Cola, Hartmann, Aon-Hewitt, IKEA, Pfizer, BASF, Vodafone, Deutsche Bank, Heineken, Airbus, Swissport, Logwin and Hamburg Süd.

Further translation experience in the areas of Software/IT and Government.

If you are serious about building a solid corporate image, make sure that all your translated documentation communicates your message to the target audience. As a senior translator with many years of professional experience and solid qualifications, I can offer you quality Business and HR translations into Spanish within the above specialty niches.

*Business and industry portal, Queensland Government, Australia, 2014