Spanish technical translations — Services, performance

Language Pairs

Within my expertise areas of Travel, Marketing, Business, Education and Photography, I offer translation services for the following language combinations:

  • English > Spanish (European or neutral)
  • German > Spanish (European or neutral)

Client commitment

  • Globally working with clients around the world.
  • Once a deadline has been discussed and agreed, I will stick to it, no matter what.
  • Any questions arising from the source text will be clarified with the client if the situation requires it. Close contact is often the key to success.
  • Privacy and confidentiality. No confidential information received during the course of an assignment will be disclosed to anyone. A non-disclosure agreement can be signed upon request.
  • Should you need a translation into several other target languages within the above subject areas, do not hesitate to ask. Together with trusted colleagues in my network, I will make up a skilled team to handle your multilingual communication needs.
  • A Professional Liability Insurance policy covers my activity with clients within the European Union and Switzerland.

Precision matters

  • Throughout the whole translation process, my focus is to make the target text convey the same meaning and purpose for the target audience as the source text does.
  • Research is done as needed on paper and electronic dictionaries, online sites and other multilingual resources.
  • I review and proofread all of my translated materials before delivery, ideally by letting the text “rest” a few hours between translation and proofreading. During the proofreading step, the target text is checked not only for correctness and consistent terminology, but also to ensure its readability and style for the intended target audience.
  • QA procedures focusing on checking spelling, formatting, numbers (e.g. measurements and prices), and punctuation are of course performed.
  • I always backup all my work, so an unforeseen breakdown will not affect the agreed delivery time.